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Developing homes since 1978

​​Developing new homes since 1978

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Many of our developments are listed and photographically illustrated.

Who are we?

Well, we are certainly not a vast nationally renowned company of new homes developers - not a household name.

No layers of management - No hierarchy.

Simply ABL Homes.

We are simply ABL Homes.

ABL Homes. The trading name for ABL Structural Projects Ltd.

Established and registered in England in 1978 by Directors, Barry and Linda Foster.

ABL Homes. A family run business under the Managing Director Barry, with Linda as Company Secretary.

Keeping it simple.At ABL we have developed many new homes at the modest end of the market.

By working hard at the planning and design stages, we establish financial security for our developments helping to provide good value opportunities for our buyers.

For sale and rent.

We build new homes for sale purposes.

We also have a retained portfolio of residential properties available to the rented sector.

All our rented properties are professionally managed by experienced letting agents.

Our rented homes are constantly maintained under our own supervision.

Building new homes. The building company, Silverdene Homes Ltd, is our 'in house' construction company controlling all aspects of building from start to finish.

Paul Foster, and Barry, run the building operations for Silverdene Homes.

Silverdene has built nearly 200 new homes as 'main contractor' for ABL Homes since 1990.

Both ABL Homes and Silverdene Homes are registered with warranty providers and able to build and sell with 10 year structural protection

What do we do?

We seek sites for new homes or conversion projects.

We seek to maximise land values by investigating and obtaining planning approvals.

We also welcome opportunities to improve schemes with consent already granted.

What are we doing?

Just like many new homes builders, we did experience the difficulties of the economic down turn of 2008 - 2012

Nevertheless, we have proven to be 'robust' and continue to go forward.

The companies portfolio of rented homes is a substantial and steady income.

How easy are we to deal with?

if you have land

When you deal with ABL Homes courtesy and privacy are respected whenever appropriate.

We can work with

Land Owners direct or with Estate Agencies.

All agency introductions of sites with building consent, or with no consent but with potential for development, will be respected in terms of confidentiality, introductory fees and new homes marketing.

If you want to buy or rent our


We are represented by Estate Agents.

We provide our agents with clear instructions to deal with matters on our behalf

and we ensure that we are available for consultation.

All negotiations are conducted and confirmed through our appointed representatives.