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We assess land

‚Äč‚ÄčTaking full advantage of over 45 years experience in this business, with valuable additional guidance from our Architects, we consider the potential to maximise the value of residential development land.

We do consult with local planning officers prior to submitting formal planning applications and combine their guidance with our own judgement.

Planning can sometimes be 'a bit of a battle' against the opinions of planning officers who have the difficult job of considering each proposal's compatibility with policies set out in the Local Plan.

They have to decide whether to support or oppose each case.

Often quite a task for all concerned

At local level, the ultimate decision rests with Committee Members who, amongst other considerations, have regard for local feeling as it is voiced by members of the community.

Planning Appeals

In the event of consent being refused at local level we often take 'the task' to appeal for a decision by the Planning Inspectorate.

The best planning consents are sometimes not easily won.

If you have land

When you deal with ABL Homes you will, ultimately, speak with Barry Foster.

There are no junior buyers, senior buyers, area land agents reporting back to Managers, Boards of Directors and so on.

If you have land or buildings to discuss then talk to us for an early decision.

Matters could not be made more simple or direct.

Agency introductions of sites with planning consent or with potential for development will be respected in terms of confidentiality, introductory fees and new homes marketing